In the 1970s, there was a renewed awareness of potential dangers in insulation and paint for houses. While asbestos and lead-based paint are almost non-existent in most houses built within the last 30 years, older homes may require testing to ensure a healthy living space.

Although older houses may be charming and full of character, it is possible to have poor air quality. Parents of babies and toddlers should be aware that lead-based paint can pose a health risk. It is possible to hire specialists to inspect your home for potential problems such as air quality and painted surfaces.

You should be concerned about lead, asbestos, or mold, which are the most common substances in older homes. You can contact professionals to get asbestos remediation services.

Asbestos Removal

You can also find tips for hiring inspectors to test asbestos and contractors who will correct the problem. Many agencies require that the products containing asbestos are labeled. Even if the asbestos is not covered, it does not pose a danger to your health. An asbestos testing company can help you identify potential risks and put your mind at rest.

Although mold is not usually considered a health hazard in homes and businesses, it can cause allergies, skin rashes, and respiratory symptoms. Mold can cause allergic reactions in people who live in damp areas such as crawlspaces or basements. Most communities have certified mold inspectors who can perform testing and inform you if mold remediation needs to be done.

It does not necessarily require asbestos testing or lead abatement services to live in an older home. It's important to know that certified professionals are available to help you eliminate any potential health hazards in your home.