Architecture is defined as the activity of designing and building buildings. It reflects society and influences the development of society. Designing any type of system is called architecture. 

The architectural profession has always played a key role in the development of construction, urban planning, urban planning, and landscape architecture. Check over here for a fully built environmental design.

The architectural profession has developed for purposes such as protection, security, worship, and many others. The ancients realized the need for buildings and slowly started building with raw materials such as stones, trees, etc. Gradually this became craftwork. 

Several famous architects from all over the world are giving this planet a new look. Every country has a different type of architect who has their credit. If you look at the ancient civilizations of the modern world, there are big changes. 

There are many interesting and extraordinary works around the world. Each architectural work has its style. All architectural works of all countries show their culture, politics, and social structure.

According to some historians, modern architecture developed due to social and political revolutions. However, some others believe that this is due to technological and technical developments. 

The price of wood today is more expensive than our ancestors would have paid. Demand is very high due to rapid development and despite the use of concrete, wood, and stone-based materials.