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When you are out on the waters, you won’t find any signboards like those on the roads. So, how do you know which way to go if you are lost in the middle of nowhere? You can either use a manual compass and maps but those might not be up to the mark. However, with technologies advancing and techniques emerging, boat navigations systems work to let you out of the waters to your desired destination.

Here’s a quick guide to different navigation systems boats have:

  • Celestial Navigation: The term celestial refers to celestial bodies like stars. So, the navigation uses the traditional approach of determining locations and directions using those celestial bodies.
  • Coastal Navigation: In this method, one looks at the coastline direction and uses coastal landmarks and shapes to determine locations and directions.
  • Inertial Navigation: A variant of dead reckoning, this navigation system deploys motion sensors for calculating the position based on the movements from a starting point.
  • Pilotage: Usually used with restricted harbours and waters, pilotage technique refers to using high frequency to fix a position and determining other locations.
  • Radio Navigation: If there’re radio towers near the location of the boat, radio waves can be used to determine the location and measure the direction of the source.
  • Radar Navigation: This navigation technique allows detecting other items like land or ships nearby and avoiding collisions.
  • Satellite Navigation: The most common type, satellite navigation deploys different satellites to determine the boat’s location.

Depending on how and where you will be using your boats, you can get the best navigations equipped in your aluminium boats from Australia.

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With numerous trailer configurations and sizes available, choosing the right size to suit your boat needs can be a challenge. However, careful consideration though, and some help from an expert will do the job. Following are some tips that you can follow to choose the right size of a boat trailer.

Do you Require a Boat Trailer for a Tinny?

If you have a small tinny, choosing a trailer size will be an easier process. Tinnies are light in weight and simpler to secure as compared to big boats. For a starting point, choose an alloy trailer for which you can find a variety of sizes to match your tinny. Corrosion resistance and lightweight make aluminium a great choice.

What Size of Boat Trailer do you Require for Offshore Fishing?

Matching a big offshore fishing boat along with the correct size trailer needs some precision. While choosing, make sure your boat can keep contact between the hull center and central trailer rollers. When your boat is completely trailered, rear rollers should bear the weight with the mass being distributed evenly.

When do you Require a Big-size Boat Trailer with Tandem Axles?

You can consider a tandem axle trailer for big boats, usually those with a minimum 5.5m length. They are used to minimize the down weight on the tow hitch. A tandem axle can minimize the strain on a tow vehicle. This trailer configuration places less weight on the hitch and more weight on the axles. Thus, it protects the boat rear from using upward force on the tow hitch.

You can ask aluminium boat manufacturers and dealers for the size guide when buying a boat to avoid wrong buys or confusion later.

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Purchasing a boat is known to be one of the bucket lists for a lot of people. In fact, many boat owners feel proud when they purchase their first-ever boat and have a lot of fun. If this is one of your bucket lists, then you need to know that the cost of the boat is on the expensive side. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot buy one even if you are under a tight budget. These are some of the tips that will help you to get a loan from a bank helping you to buy one.

  1. Qualifying is Important -If you are about to head over to a bank, then there are 2 factors that define your qualification. The first is to understand how much loan the bank is willing to offer you. And the other is to understand on how much the bank is willing to spend for damage to the boat or in the event of an accident.
  2. Selection is Next – Once the bank loan gets approved, it is time for you to select your boat. Selection of your boat depends on your understanding and knowledge about the boat. You need to do some form of research properly before investing in the right type of boat.
  3. Select the Loan – At the time of selecting a loan plan, make sure you have thoroughly understood about the plan. Moreover, you need to be aware of the type of loan you are going to select.

With these tips you should be able to buy your boat from the likes of aluminium boat manufacturers.