As you will know more about the aluminum boxes, you realize that nothing is "basic" about these boxes. A box prepared from three sheets of paper is an aluminum box. 

Aluminum boxes are designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of the product, which is to be packed. You can find the best aluminum boxes from the various online sources.

Aluminum Boxes

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When designing these boxes, transport risks such as vibration, shock waves, compression, and moisture are also kept in mind. Companies try to keep the cost of these boxes to a minimum level to create a logistic budget within the limits. 

These companies also consider specific product characteristics, consumer requirements, logistic requirements, transportation requirements, and machine capabilities, creating a variety of corrugated styles.

There are the following types.

  • Regular Slotted Box:- This style of boxes is very common. In this, all flaps are the same size from the score to the edge. These are best for shipping small personal items such as mugs, cups, and books.

  • Corrugated Trays:- Basically, these are trays for holding various items. This will be the best choice when product visibility is the main objective. They are also used for easy handling of products. Indeed, they can be used as display trays because the products placed in these trays are vividly visible to customers.