Wallpaper is a thing of the past. Stencils need messy painting and a bit of skill to achieve the right look. Custom murals and faux finishing cost a lot. So how can you create the appearance of a custom mural while staying within your budget? Explore rub-on mural transfers!

High-quality, full-color murals are printed on transfer sheets, so all you have been able to do is apply them against the wall. Dry rub transfer designs are thin enough they blend into your wall just like paint. You can also buy beautiful murals (also known as “schne wandbilder” in the German language) online.

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There are many excellent wall art made of vinyl that is available, including Fatheads that focus on sports characters. They are more of an actual vinyl sticker. There are wall-word businesses that specialize in quotes to put on your walls. They are an excellent product as well, however, they are made from vinyl and typically only a single color or two colors.

If you're looking to get the full-color, highly precise look of a custom mural, then nothing will compare to the quality and style of mural transfer! They aren't vinyl, they are an ink transfer that is coated with a thin layer of adhesive that can be easily transferred to your wall by rubbing.

Mural transfers are a great option to decorate your house and add an individual look to your walls for a low cost.