Body hair has undergone many mutations. This may involve the care of a doctor or the skilled hands of a salon worker to remove unwanted body hair. You can also visit to know more about sugaring hair removal.

For home treatments to remove bikini or genital hair, you can use a safer and more natural option, sugar hair removal. For ingrown hair removal, consult your dermatologist or local hair removal specialist.

Sugaring method

Hair treatment with sugar can be done at home. However, you should be aware that heating the mixture to the desired consistency is not easy. To make the mixture, mix 2 cups white sugar with 1/4 cup water and 1/4 lemon juice; The mixture is cooked to get the consistency of a solid ball. Cool to body temperature before use to avoid burns. To remove hair, it is pulled in the direction of hair growth which is smaller than the egg factor.

The paste can easily remove large amounts of hair, so the body works faster. If there is a lack of hair, you can apply sugar to the treated area as it is gentle on the skin, unlike chemically produced creams and hot waxes. If preparing your mixture is difficult, you can purchase home care kits.

This method is safe for removing unwanted hair on the armpits, upper lip, eyebrows, legs, arms, chest, back, and legs. For effective results with the sugaring method, the length of the hair should be 5 mm or 1/4 inch. Here's the good news – with frequent hair removal with sugar, the hair follicles become damaged and stop producing those annoying hairs.