Having the last model of the most expensive camera or sophisticated lights is not needed but of course, it can help your work. All you need is a good camera, not necessarily a reflex. Today with a camera screen you can see exactly the results you have with the final image you take. To photograph food is easier than looking through the lens. 

This combination makes the composition of photos very precise and much easier because of the size of the computer screen, which is of course much bigger than the camera screen. Don't be afraid of prices, today many cameras have this possibility as a default function. You can hire the best food stylist that offers high-quality, pixel-perfect food photography for restaurants, making it more alluring.

Start shooting. Set food you want to shoot on the table. Don't forget the background. It's probably a natural background or whatever you want to display in the picture. If you are not satisfied with the background, a very simple way to change it is to use a large and strong white paper sheet.

Place your camera on a stable tripod. If you don't have it, you can use a bag filled with sand where you can set the camera in the way you need. The plastic bag full of rice will work too. One or two big books below it if you need to lift the camera and you are ready. For lighting, even without a lightbox, you can have good results. 

Turn on your camera and set food on the table, search on the screen every time you add or delete something. Build pictures through the camera lens, with the right point of view of the image will appear. You will realize how different camera perspectives are, compared to your own perspective.