Scissors are one of the most fascinating hand tools. Throughout history, they have been used as a tool, a traditional gift, an art object, and after the industrial revolution, a specialized utensil for advanced and delicate work.

A brief overview shows a wide range of scissors and uses for such a simple tool. Back in the eleventh century, simple scissors were made by the craft guild for scissors makers.

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Designs were simple and elegant with a focus on function rather than form. Later in the story, scissors adorned found in Turkey from the second century and there are good examples in several Chinese scissors museums in the Tang Dynasty (7 to 9 century).

But in Europe, the scissors were used mainly by the lower classes until the development of communication with the countries of the East. Calligraphy came in style among the upper classes and more delicate, flexible scissors were developed that could work with paper.

Decorations were added and drawings began to include more ornate styles. Around the fourteenth century, scissors in a leather sheath decorated with elegance were a mandatory part of the "box of love" from an admirer, a gift sent to a lady of the rank of a potential suitor.

After the scissors designs became more ornate because of the demands of the upper classes, more complex models sank to use every day.