Many folks have spent a lifetime taking interesting trips in the summertime, day trips on the weekend and so on. Lots of these travelers have shoe boxes, albums and digital files full of great photos. This is all great starting material for an excellent travel book. These days, with digital publishing options such as Kindle and Nook, it is quick and easy to create books of all sorts and get them before an eager, reading public in a very short period of time. In this article, we will discuss some of these options along with things you should consider when thinking about publishing a travel book. Read on to learn more.

You are the only one who can write your book!

Often people feel shy about sharing their travel experiences. You may wonder if others will really be interested in what you have to say. The fact is, there are all kinds of travelers in the world, and a good many of them are just like you. Your individual travel experiences and your tips and ideas on having a better trip, seeing and doing more, saving money, packing the right things and any number of other specific bits of travel knowledge are all valuable to your fellow travelers.

You can hone in on the focus of your travel book by thinking about the type of person who might have the same questions and problems you had starting out. Generally speaking, you will write best for an audience that is similar to you. If you are a mature traveler traveling with a guided group or on your own, you can be sure that other mature travelers who are considering these types of trips will be interested in what you have to say. If you are a harried mom with a passel of kids traveling on a shoestring, you can bet others seeking to travel with children will want to hear about your experiences.

Answer the questions everybody is asking!

One of the best things you can do to determine your subject matter is to think about the information that you found lacking when you needed a travel book. These are the areas others will find lacking as well. Your experiences in packing the right things, finding good places to eat, locating good rest areas for your kids or your pets, finding attractions that are wheel chair or stroller accessible and other very specific, hard to find information are just exactly what other travelers need to know.

Likewise, if you have great experience in taking trips to little known places, even if they are just out of the way destinations in your own area, you can be the expert on this topic. You can write a one of a kind travel book that will help others seeking quick, inexpensive, close-at-hand getaways.

Decide how you want to publish.

Publishing is so easy today. While you can surely go the traditional route and seek out a publisher, many authors today are simply foregoing that process and self-publishing for free. Creating eBooks is quick and easy and can get your book before a worldwide audience in nothing flat. The process is incredibly user friendly. In fact, if you can send an email, you can publish an eBook. A quick visit to Amazon will show you just how easy this can be. You can literally sign up for your Kindle Publish account, follow the prompts and publish your book in a few hours or less.

What's stopping you?

Sharing your travel experiences and publishing travel books is easy and fun, and it can add up to some substantial earnings for you. All you need to do is hit the road and take your camera!