For generations, the art of growing weed from clones has been both extensively explored and refined. These days, thousands of the world’s best growers instinctively opt for cloning techniques, rather than the classic approach whereby seeds are germinated from scratch. But at the same time, there’s quite a lot of confusion when it comes to the true advantages and drawbacks of cloning, along with when and where it represents the most sensible approach.

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Technically speaking, anyone interested in getting into marijuana cultivation really should read up on growing weed from both clones and seeds, in order to gain a good understanding of what’s going on. Cloning is an incredibly popular and simple approach to growing, which involves taking cuttings from existing marijuana plants and using these to grow strong separate plants.

The Advantages of Cloning

The list of advantages that accompany clone growing techniques is certainly extensive and appealing – the following examples in particular:

  • Quicker Start

First and foremost, the fact that you don’t have to go through the seed germination process means that you can get up and running much quicker than if you were to grow from seed.

  • Faster Grow

In addition to this, cloned marijuana plants generally grow at a much faster rate than plants grown from seed, while at the same time have the potential to produce even better buds.

  • Cost-Effective

Given the fact that to take cuttings from existing marijuana plants will cost you nothing, cloning represents a significantly cheaper option of purchasing seeds and grow from seeds.

The Disadvantages of Cloning

Of course, the art of cloning is not without its fair share of critics and there are definitely a few disadvantages to take into account. Primary examples include the following:

  • Same Flaws

If the mother plant selected for the cuttings is in any way inferior or of poor quality, each and every clone created by way of cuttings will present the same flaws. It is, therefore, possible to end up with an entire crop of plants that all carry the same defects.

  • Not All Viable

There are certain types of marijuana plants that simply cannot be cloned successfully, in term limiting the strategy to certain types of marijuana plant only.

  • Decreasing Variation

Some argue that to clone marijuana plants is to go against the important ceremony of starting out from scratch and finishing with something beautiful. They also argue that standard weed cloning does very little for weed strain diversity.

So it’s clear to see therefore that it is a process and a strategy that has its own unique mix of ups and downs. But if you were to consider all the facts from the perspective of the standard at-home weed grower, it’s hard to deny that the list of advantages does somewhat outweigh the drawbacks.