Staying in a seaside or beach view hotel has a charm of its own. In addition, it would be quite convenient, as well. Similarly, staying in a mid-forest guest house, if you are touring to the city for jungle, would be a great thrill.

Meal – Apart from sites that you visit food is the element or essence of the city that impresses you the most. There are many foodies/travelers out there, who scan through the globe just in search of quality food.

When booking a hotel, it is recommendable to check the menus of their kitchens. You can also book the best Santa Monica beach hotels online.

Star-ranked hotels have the best cuisines and services; you should ensure that the hotel you are going to book serves your desired cuisine.

Hygiene – Who wants to enjoy his/her holiday in an unhygienic environment? Nobody does. There are many hotels and lodges that offer you unhygienic, dirty rooms. The room fare in such hotels is significantly low, in comparison to that of star category hotels.

You should never book a hotel room, just because it is cheap. You want to spend a 'quality' time on your holiday. And 'quality' never comes at cheap rates.

Lastly, you will be able to find a lot of features that make the stay at Santa Monica that much more enjoyable. Attention to detail has been paid when designing the facility, meaning that you are unlikely to face too much difficulty when staying there.

For instance, if you simply need a cup of coffee, you can make use of the Barista at the facility to get one.