If you are unaware of what "microblading" is, the word probably sounds a little scary to you. Rest assured that the word sounds far worse than the procedure, and what is actually happening is a small tattoo with semi-permanent ink that is being applied to the area of the eyebrows. 

Microblading is a series of small tattoos that are designed to look like hairs, even though they are made from small dots. The tattoos are put into a mapped area around and in the eyebrows, designed to fill in and shape the eyebrows into a sharp and chiseled look. You can search for the “microblading near me” via www.permanentmakeup1.com/services/microblading-eye-brow-permanent-makeup/ to get the best eyebrow service.

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Thicker eyebrows have come into fashion in the last few years, and because this trend is coming on the heels of a nearly non-existent eyebrow look, many people no longer have the ability to grow full eyebrows. 

After years of tweezing and shaping through procedures like "threading"," the eyebrow hairs begin to stop growing back. You are left with thin eyebrows that will also have gaps and holes in between the hairs, creating a look that is not full and dark as the current fashion trend demands. 

Microblading is essentially drawing hair onto the skin in an area that is preshaped. This gives people the ability to not perform ongoing maintenance on their eyebrows and still keep the shape that is desired.

The sharp lines of a typically shaped eyebrow will grow softer over time as hair grows outside of the shaped area.