You probably think of Yoga when you hear the term meditation. Meditation has been a part and parcel of Yoga for many decades. Meditation, however, has nothing to do with Yoga. Meditation is an act by itself. Yoga poses/asanas are the best way to meditate.

Meditation & Mindfulness in daily life is too complex a topic to cover in one article. However, I will attempt to explain the basic points of meditation and why they should be practiced.

About - Li-Anne Tang

Meditation is the practice of training the mind to focus or getting into a deeper level of consciousness about oneself.

* Meditation requires that the mind, body, and soul align in order to attain a higher sense of self. Meditation requires you to separate the external and internal worlds and focus only on your core.

* Meditation has been practiced in various religious, spiritual, and wellness practices since before time began. Meditation is not an elaboration of any of these. Meditation is a benefit for all of these practices.

*Meditation is a common part of many religions. It has numerous positive effects on those who practice it. Meditation is a central belief in many major religions, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. 

* Meditation is a practice of religion that focuses on the ritual and the Almighty. Meditation is a spiritual practice that helps to achieve inner peace, oneness, and alignment of the mind and body.

* The most important aspect of spiritual practices is the practice of mediation. This is the one that we do after practicing Yoga. It is not performed with religious intent, but to restore balance.

Spirituality and meditation share a deep connection because they both aim to accomplish the same goal. A higher sense of self and inner peace.