All fan coil units require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. Proper fan coil maintenance has the potential to save on electricity bills for both property managers and condominium owners.

Installing a fan coil offers an annual fan coil cleaning and maintenance program for all module types. Our trained technicians ensure your treatment is carried out without any hassle or confusion. We are proud that all work has been completed according to project requirements. Our engineers protect walls and floors at all times. If necessary, detailed reports are generated for each individual package.

To reduce maintenance costs and improve indoor air quality, most fan coil units are equipped with a removable air filter. When servicing fan coil units regularly, we find that the best units have good access to the drain pan and fan/motor module. Air filters are usually fairly easy to replace. In some units, the fan motor and both sides of the coil are not always easy to reach. The time it takes to service your fan coil assembly depends on how dirty each unit is, as well as the specific model or configuration of your unit.

The fan coil unit in a condo is somewhat similar to a stove or air conditioner. They can provide heat or cold and consist of a heat exchanger or coil, a fan and an air filter. Other components of the fan coil assembly are the drain pan and inner lining.

There are various configurations of fan coil units. Some are suspended from the ceiling while others are mounted on the floor. Fan coil units are often used in applications where individual temperature control in the area is required.