Lots of detail required to make a good comic book that will attract readers, especially in our modern world of movies, DVDs, televisions and computers. Read more about ‘DC Comics -Yugen Collectibles Figurines Online Store' ( also known as ‘DC Comics – Boutique en ligne de figurines Yugen Collectibles ‘ in french language).

The first thing on the agenda is to discuss and develop a storyline that will captivate readers. Next, the characters are created, a situation that was designed, and the view is established, so on.

At this stage of development, all the necessary elements, such as narration, sound effects and dialogue balloons, include in a different color from the main illustrations so that they are indistinguishable.

At the time of the pencil work of art is complete is presented to the editor, it may be necessary that the artists of make changes to the drawings to further ensure that the image fits the script. After the final approval of the editor, the images are enlarged and sent to the inker.

Inker responsible for introducing the shadows, add special effects, separating foreground from the background, and carry out some other complicated tasks.

When the inker job is done, a copy of the comic book was sent to colorist whose job is to find the perfect color of each color for each character, as well as every detail, in the image of a comic book.

A computer is used to store all the color data on file for future comic book series of the same. A copy of the proof of the finished product is printed and forwarded for final review.

Upon approval, the comic book was sent to print. The pages are placed in the correct order, printed, cut, stacked, folded, and stapled. Millions of copies can then be shipped to stores around the world!