In 2018, Canada saw many political events that had a major impact on the country. Here are just a few of the major stories that occurred in 2018:

1. The federal government passed a bill that would make it easier for refugees to come to Canada.

2. The province of Quebec voted to change its constitution so that it would become an independent country.

3. The prime minister of Canada was declared the winner of the general election, which was held in late October.If you want to know about Canadian political news through this website :

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The Liberal Party

In 2018, the Liberal Party of Canada was elected to govern the country. The Liberals are a center-left political party that is focused on improving the lives of Canadians.

One of the biggest achievements of the Liberals in 2018 was their pledge to bring in a universal basic income (UBI). This would be an unconditional payment made to all citizens aged 18 or over, regardless of income or employment status. The Liberals believe that this will help to reduce poverty and inequality in Canada.

The Liberals also pledged to invest $200 billion over 10 years in infrastructure projects across Canada. This would include money for public transit, affordable housing, and green infrastructure projects such as solar panels and wind turbines.

The Liberal government faced several challenges in 2018, including a trade war with the United States and a slow economy. But overall, they were successful in accomplishing their goals for the year.