The purpose of this human resources service is to identify other companies facing similar human resource issues related to information technology. Through comparative analysis of various companies, we are able to examine how other companies deal with specific personnel issues related to new technology, information technology, information systems, and data security. 

New technology

With the world changing and new technology available all the time, managers need to be aware of the technology that makes their business more efficient and takes expert guidance and advice.

The internet is an increasingly popular way to recruit candidates, research technology and perform other important business functions. The provision of online personal services (EHR) supports more efficient data collection, storage, dissemination, and exchange.

An intranet is a type of network that companies use to exchange information with people within the organization. Intranet connects people with people and people with information and knowledge within the organization. 

It serves as an "information center" for the entire organization. Most organizations create intranets primarily for employees but can be expanded to include business partners and even authorized customers.

The efficiency of the HRIS system can provide more efficient and faster results than on paper. Some of the many HRIS applications include office applications, candidate search costs, risk management, training management, training experience, financial planning, sales analysis, continuity planning, flexibility management, regulatory compliance, attendance reporting and analysis, workforce planning, incident reporting, and prevention strategic planning.