Any business can lose data, and it can be extremely costly. In the days of internet-based businesses, downtime can lead to huge losses.

To reduce the chance of your company being affected by a disaster, you must be vigilant about your data backup and recovery strategies. The biggest cause of data loss in a disaster is the failure of hardware followed by human error. 

data backup and recovery

Next is software corruption and a computer virus. A good backup and recovery system will allow you to quickly and easily cover all information.

Companies in Vancouver are often unaware of the dangers of not having a data backup plan. This results in more than forty percent of businesses around the globe not regularly backing up their data, which could lead to them being months or even years behind in case of disaster.

Customer service can be affected if there is no adequate data backup or recovery. Your staff who try to find lost information will not be able to provide customers with high-quality service immediately. 

If you are unable to deliver exceptional service, it can lead to losing a large contract or a customer that could have generated thousands of dollars each year for your business.

Each element of your business is vital, regardless of whether it's client files, recent orders, pricing information on all products, or information about clients. Losing information about customers or having products without prices can cause costly delays that could end up costing you thousands.

Many top companies in Vancouver offer valuable advice and suggestions based on every customer's individual needs.