IFS therapy is usually provided by licensed psychiatric professionals such as licensed psychosocial counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, and psychologists. A good place to start when examining for a provider that uses IFS is to visit the IFS Institute website.

Make sure to check if the therapist is authorized to practice in your country. Another online directory listing mental health providers in your area can help you find an internal family system (IFS) therapy in your area.

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If you wish to take advantage of your health insurance, contact your insurance company to find an online provider by browsing their website or calling the number on the back of your card. Your insurance company may not be able to determine if your therapist practices IFS. Contact him or visit their website.

Who can offer IFS therapy?

To be able to offer IFS therapy, the therapist must have additional postgraduate training. This typically involves attending IFS Level 1 training, attending consultations or guidance with other IFS therapists, and continuing education courses oriented towards IFS.

Becoming a fully certified IFS therapist requires two additional levels of training and is an expensive and time-consuming process that all IFS professionals will not undertake.

Important questions to ask when considering working with a family therapist:

  • What are your strengths? Do you have a license to practice in my country?

  • Have you worked with people I had a similar problem with?

  • Do you have IFS training?