There are many options available for air ducts. You can make them from many different materials, and they come in many shapes. There are options for everyone's budget. Non-metallic, building cavities, and sheet metals are the most well-known and most-sold air ducts.

Because the inner surfaces of wood and wallboard are extremely airtight, smooth airflow can be achieved. Flexible non-metallic materials like ducts can be wire-reinforced with large dimensions. They can also be used for longer lengths.

You can use the air ducting system in small spaces such as attics. The duct system is long and can be used anywhere in the building. You should be careful when using non-metallic materials to prevent leakage at the junction between the flexible ducts and the metal sheets.

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Galvanized steel is used to make the sheet metal duct. It can be made from galvanized steel in either a rectangular or circular shape. Leakage can occur when one duct section slides into the other.

Sheet metal ducts are very popular because of their ease of use and durability. Fiberglass ducts on the other hand are duct board that creates large trunk lines for smaller air ducts. It is insulated with a smooth finish that allows for airflow.

It doesn't matter what type of duct material you use, it is important to inspect for leakages before sealing them. You should properly insulate your air-ducts with waterproof insulation. This will improve comfort and energy efficiency.