Halotherapy (salt therapy) is a completely natural, drug-free, and holistic treatment that is performed in a controlled environment maintained at a temperature of 68°F in order to replicate the microclimate of salt caves. The walls of the Salt Room are fully lined with Himalayan salt crystals, which have been well-known for their negative ions that neutralize. 

They help to counteract the effects of overstimulation that is caused by electromagnetic pollution. In the same way that a Himalayan salt lamp releases small concentrations of Ions, a completely lined room produces a higher amount of neutral energy that is known to soothe your body and mind. You can also book an appointment for a halo salt room session via Lake Norman salt spa.

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Halogenerators grind up Himalayan Salt dispersing and maintaining the level of dry salt particles in the air. The tiny minerals attached to the moisture excess within your respiratory system and get into your bloodstream. The excessive moisture in your body is then reduced which reduces inflammation and improves the function of your lungs. 

Salt therapy also provides positive effects for your skin. It improves immunity, boosts metabolism, boosts concentration, decreases fatigue and boosts your mood. The salt rooms are where guests are invited to relax on comfy chairs and be in the tranquil sparkle of pure salt crystals and breathe through the dry Himalayan salt gas. 

The dry, salty aerosol is believed to help you sleep better and ease symptoms of asthma and allergies as well as ease stress and hypertension and can even help with hangovers. Salt Room is an oasis of clean air, completely different from the smog-filled living conditions we have to endure.