Business cards are small pieces of paper that contain business information about a person or company. They are often shared during formal interactions between people and are helpful for memory. They typically include a company name, affiliation and logo, and contact information.

 Most companies use simple text on solid paper, while many may choose to add a visual design to their cards. There are many avid collectors of these cards. These people are looking for old, famous, or unusual cards. You can find the pure gold business cards from Pure Metal Cards.

These cards are typically printed on a form of cardstock, although the printing method, images, and cost vary. Advances in batch and digital printing have made full-color printing a cost-effective option. An embossed printing effect can be added to a card in a process called thermography. 

Those that are in full color can be printed on sheet presses in the four-color printing technique. There is also the option of UV gloss coating. This can contribute to the overall design.

Some are made of plastic, specifically translucent, crystalline, metallic, or white plastic. Other materials that can be used for construction: rubber, magnets, metal, nickels, and real wood. Using different materials is one way to capture the attention of potential customers.

Another option to obtain these products is to use a printing application from the web. There are several printing companies with websites that allow customers to choose and customize a design template, add logos, images, and other features, select their quantity, view pricing options, and request delivery. The company will produce and ship the finished product.