The odds are very likely that you have ever gone through a bad experience with a hotel. Talk of cold breakfast, smelly rooms to cockroaches. Is there a way of picking a decent hotel when you travel abroad?

The following are some simple tips that will ensure you have a peaceful stay worth remembering when you go globetrotting. What you are paying matters a lot. Of course, your room or luxury resorts in Santa Clara should be well within your budget.

Gather those coupon deals and percent off fliers that you come across and never pay attention to. A decent hotel in Santa Clara should have a website. See what the website has to say about payments and seasonal deals. What free amenities are there? What's for breakfast?

Find out the details regarding the location of the hotel in Santa Clara. How close is the hotel to the place you are visiting? The closer the hotel is to the place you are visiting, the better off you are. Is it somewhere you can access easily by walking or a short taxi distance? See if there are cheap shuttle services around there.

Find out the amenities available. These are always essential no matter where you travel to. Some of the amenities that may be of interest to you are things like a spa, an indoor gym, a swimming pool, or a ground floor restaurant. You will add to these, some of the amenities you have liked in previous visits.