Men are now looking for more quality, fewer indulgences but better outputs. In the previous years, men have made their wardrobes and now do not need apparel in bulk. All they need is some high quality clothing, which will make them distinct from the crowd.

Men should try to opt for trendy looking dress shirts with full customization. Let us see how.

  • Cutaway Collar dress shirts

One of the most famous collars styles these days is best express cutaway collar. In the cutaway collar, the points of each side spread away from each other, angling back towards the shoulder.

mens cutaway shirts

  • Athletic fit shirts

This collar looks trendy with or without tie but having a double knot tie with cutaway collar gives men the perfect attraction they have been yearning for.

Custom dress shirts offer full customization options like, giving the measurements of each body part such as biceps, chest, waist, shoulder, and sleeve and neck size. Same goes for style as men can easily choose the collar, pocket, placket, and yoke, pleats, and cuffs styles.

  • Formal Wing-Tip Tuxedo Shirts

This formal custom tuxedo shirt is almost exclusively reticent for white and black tie events. The most common is the black bow or white with this type of custom dress shirt collars, but the formal ascot is an acceptable alternative. The formal wingtip custom tuxedo shirt collar comes in many variants: pleated fronts vs. non-pleated, barrel or french cuffs, and placket hiding buttons or decorative button studs.

These are some of the popular options men can choose in custom dress shirts.