Learning is that factor that begins when an infant is present in the mother's womb and it continues after he/she is born and the levels of learning increase may it be through schooling, college, higher education, etc. Early education includes the basic etiquettes, manners, and behavioral aspects.

A child in his early years (ages 3-6) has a tender mind, so it is up to the parents at home and teachers in early education school who can guide and mold their soft and tender minds in the right manner with the right education, and lots of affection. The child requires security and guidance as support when they make a decision, may it be regarding anything from studies to various other decisions.

 A little affection and motivation at an early age would shape them into good humans along with mastering the path they choose for themselves. They should encourage them to do well academically and support them in the extracurricular activities they are interested in. As along with studies even extracurricular activities are equally important, as extracurricular activities refresh the mind and keep the individual active always. Studies are definitely important but more than that many other factors are important to shape a child into a good human being.