If it comes to in-home entertainment for children, nobody does it like Disney. They're always first, even if the narrative is a movie, you're guaranteed that it is going to become a stunning rendition; the audio is constantly grooving, and the characters are memorable.

The movie's characters come in form of toys. you can also purchase the best Disney subscription boxes for your kids via Waltlife.

Every kid should have the chance to experience a Disney classic, so here are the top 5 Disney movies That Every kid must watch:

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a traditional story of a mermaid who yearns for life from the sea. She falls in love with a person and can be given legs from the wicked sea witch in exchange for the mermaid's lovely voice. 

The Lion King

This film was critically acclaimed by a variety of film critics and has been turned into an effective and award-winning Broadway production. It follows the coming of age of a young lion cub in Africa. 


Mulan is a historical film since it's the first time that Disney produced a female hero rather than a male protagonist. Ordinarily, it's the princess that needs rescuing, but Mulan requires the notion of rescuing and turns it completely around. 


Sand, magic carpets, lamps, and genies will be the only some of the things which make this film spectacular. Aladdin follows the story of a poor beggar somewhere in Arabia. He stumbles upon a magic lamp with a genie and is granted three wishes. 

Toy Story

Toy Story is the first movie of its type using 3-dimensional animations to make a true world sense for a real film. This story has plenty of ethical lessons and will cause you to shout, and at least a single tear.

Therefore, if you have not yet seen one of these movies together with your children, then go purchase them: your children will surely thank you for this.