Nowadays, computer security services are a must-have for any company. Computers are used in every business in the developed world, and the majority of these are connected to the Internet.

There are general kinds of security services for computers and networks. Each business owner or manager should analyze their information security needs in terms of these areas, to gain a clear idea of what kind of specialist service may be needed. You can get the best IT security services for your business via

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• Computer security consulting services: An information security consultancy will review your organization's existing security arrangements (if any), and offer advice and recommendations which you will then implement.

• Security management: As part of a longer-term contract, the consulting business may install and administer security systems on your behalf. This can be accomplished in one of two ways: the firm can provide an interim manager for a set amount of time, or you can outsource continuing security management to them on a part-time basis for a longer period of time.

• Security testing: Your firm's information security management system will require independent testing from time to time. External security testing services can be used to do this. Testing services come in a variety of forms, as follows:

a) Penetration testing of a computer network and network devices, including wireless networks.

b) External auditing: this is especially important for firms that seek to be certified to an official standard.

There is a very wide range of computer security services available, and it is important to formulate your organization's needs clearly in terms of one or more of these service types.