Millions of people suffering from oral herpes need cold sore treatment. The store has many cold sore treatment options. There are many cold sore remedies available. These over-the-counter cold-sore treatments are primarily used as comfort treatment. Comfort is paramount because cold sores can be very painful.

These will not reduce the time that your cold sores last, despite wild claims. Expect comfort only. Ice or another cold object can be applied to the area to discourage the herpes simplex virus from reproducing. Ice should be applied at the first sign of itching, tingling. You can also order medicines online for your cold sores via

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Ice is a very effective way to reduce swelling, heat, and pain. Ice can be used frequently and early enough to prevent cold sores. After the sore has opened, do not apply ice. You must then use heat. Honey is a powerful cold sore treatment. This is a great way to quickly heal cold sores.

You can apply it to the sore before it opens. After the sore has opened, clean it with hydrogen peroxide and then apply. It will be necessary to repeat the application as the weeping liquid will eventually wash it away. Apply it with a Q-tip. Keep your fingers out.

People who experience cold sores are usually acid-pH balanced and low in calcium. Calcium is the most important mineral your body needs to maintain a healthy alkaline environment. The truth is that the herpes simplex virus doesn't like an alkaline environment.

Calcium supplements are a great way to prevent and treat cold sores. You should ensure that you take 400 mg of magnesium for every 1000 mg of calcium. They work together to improve absorption.