Laser tattoo removal is a popular method for tattoo removal. This procedure involves a series of short, intense light pulses that are applied to the inked area. The tattoo color, density, and size all influence the delivery and process of the laser light. It is usually easier to get rid of darker tattoos, such as black. It is more difficult to remove tattoos with less pigmentation or lighter colors like yellow and green.

This can lead to more visits for complete removal. The results of each treatment will vary depending on the size and content of the tattoo. It may take up to 20 sessions or more. Laser tattoo removal costs $150 to $300 per appointment. In Charlotte, you can find a reliable laser tattoo removal clinic via

Protective laser eyewear is worn to shield the eyes from the radiation during the procedure. To minimize pain, the inked area must be cleaned and sometimes iced before the surgery. The procedure is quick and not painful. Many patients say it is more painful than the original tattoo. To lessen pain, a local anesthetic may be used or a stronger painkiller may be administered before the procedure.

The treated area will be sensitive and warm after a session. Ice can be used for a brief period to reduce discomfort. Each procedure is a laser that breaks down ink particles on the skin. You will notice a lighter tattoo with each subsequent process. Side effects include reddening, blistering and swelling.

The advantages of laser tattoo removal include less scarring and faster removal. There are some risks involved, and depending on how many treatments are needed, the price can be high. Before you decide on any procedure, make sure to weigh all options.