Many American health care system resources are devoted to the management and treatment of chronic conditions. Chronic disease management in Charlotte deals with health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and hypothyroidism that is a key part of most basic care physician's work.

In the conventional model, the medical doctor sees a patient for an incident of care, examines the status of the conditions, offers suggestions, alters medications, and instructs any determined testing. The patients are counselled again when they are told to revisit for follow-up care. 

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For many years, the greatest practices have been utilizing a medium of examining a few or all of their patients with some chronic medical issues with the help of a disease record. In chronic care management services the patients with the disease, for example, diabetes, recorded in the database, either the paper file register or digital data repository.

In the database, some information on the patient's status is mentioned. For example, in a diabetes database, the detail might be the last LDL cholesterol, the last blood pressure, the last diabetic foot exam, the last test for kidney damage the date of the last dilated eye exam and date as well as their smoking status.