An electrician is a worker whose training and skills include the maintenance and installation of electrical wiring systems. Electricians are skilled in installing and maintaining electrical wiring systems. An electrician can work in any industrial setting that uses electricity. 

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The electrical profession has gained a lot of popularity. A solid education and sufficient knowledge are key ingredients to a successful career in the electrical industry. An electrician may be able to benefit from the latest technological advances in electrical tools and gadgets, as well as excellent communication and customer service skills.

A three- to five-year apprenticeship is required for an electrician. He will learn from classroom discussions as well as be coached by on-the-job training. Apprenticeships for electricians can be sponsored by some organizations. 

The purpose of classroom discussions is to teach how to read blueprints, electrical theory, code requirements and soldering lessons.

75% of electricians work in construction, with 25% working in other industries. These estimates may be accurate, as the duties of electricians are essential even before a building is constructed. Building constructions rely heavily upon electricity to execute their tasks. Electricity is essential for the operation of all applications. 

Both architects and building contractors work with electricians to design the infrastructure. The electrician is responsible for installing wiring and conduits, as well as heating and cooling pipes, vents, and other electrical components during construction.