Nuts have long been part of the human diet. Because it tastes good and helps us to stay healthy and alert. An interesting nut is a pecan. Native to North America, it can be eaten raw like other walnuts or as an ingredient in any recipe, from main dishes to desserts.

Pecan is an Algonquin word that means a nut that requires stones to crack. It has very varied forms. Some pecan’s cinnamon roasted nuts are oval, some are round. They are a valuable food source for Indians, especially in fall and winter, as they are easy to store.

It is of great value to this group of people that several varieties of candlenut are named after Native American tribes. Pecans are a good source of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that is considered heart-healthy for its ability to lower bad cholesterol.

Pecan contains more than 19 vitamins and minerals and is a good source of vitamin E and fiber.

What is unique about these nuts is their natural buttery taste, which makes them a favorite ingredient, especially in desserts. The most famous are pecans with pecans and chocolate with pecans.

The natural buttery taste of pecans combines with the sweetness of sugar, which is why it has such a long history in confectionery. Sugar Pecans are a delicacy that is popular not only among candy-loving children but also among adults.

Honey is also an ingredient that can make a delicious sugar pecan recipe. Honey can improve its texture and match its oily taste.