If you are in the MLM business, you have probably been approached either via email or a phone call by a self-proclaimed online marketing coach! He/she has promised to "work with you" and help you build your business online! Let me give you an analogy that many of you might be able to relate to! I have decided to promote myself as an online football coach!

You can opt for expert new & small business coach in Australia & get free session.

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Work with me and you will become a better football coach, and I will propel you and your team to new heights of success on the field! You sign up for my program! I make you an offer you can't pass on! I will charge you around 40 bucks for the first month and then charge you a $50 monthly fee to keep coaching you! You sign up looking forward to all the great coaching tips you will get from me!

Now that you have signed up, you want to learn how to put together your offense. You click on setting up the offense and lo and behold, I have a nicely designed playbook that has been put together by a self-proclaimed offensive genius! 

You can buy this playbook and get it immediately as a PDF file! And by the way, if you become an affiliate, you can link this wonderful playbook to your website and receive commissions every time someone purchases a playbook of your website! Not a bad deal, so you go with it!

Now it's time to recruit some players. You click on some training about recruiting players only to find that the self-proclaimed online coach who is coaching you is now wanting you to quit your team and join his team! Hmmm! You have spent over $300 trying to master the art of coach