Many golfers are afraid of driver hitting and in an attempt to "drive for the show" lose focus on the basics of driver hitting and forget to let the driver do the work for them. Remember, hitting 200 yards straight down the fairway is much, much better than 300 yards in the woods.

Here are some basic golf tips for timing your driver's strokes precisely, which results in greater accuracy and greater distance. You can learn the advantageous golf tips for beginners from

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* Golf Ball Positioning Fundamentals – While you must hit the ball down to hit a sharp iron strike, the driver's punch must be lifted to make contact with the ball as the driver's club head moves up. 

To promote this upward swing, the ball must be placed forward on the stand. Basic golf advice for a good driver is to line up the ball with the heel of your left foot (about three center-left balls in your right hand).

* Standing Feet and Golf Stand – Stand slightly wider than shoulder width apart and lean from hips to spine/back angle about 30 degrees from a straight position.

* Golf Basics for Rotation – When performing a swing, the large muscles of the upper body should be twisted like springs as you rotate against your right knee. Fix the right knee at the same angle as the address.l. 

A good exercise for hitting the driver is the "wuss" exercise, which can be practiced on the field while shooting or between kicks.