As a human resource manager or small business owner, you may be flexing your hiring power and getting new people in the door. For those who are newly hired employees, it is critical to get things off to the right start.

To do that, you need to focus on providing employees with the resources they need to do well. That includes assigning immediate goals to each of the new hires you bring in.

If you want them to develop key job skills, develop into successful, long-term employees, and become the best they can be, goals can help. To hire the right candidate you can also use Employee Assessment Tools & Recruitment Assessment Tools of Wild Noodle.

How to Assign Immediate Goals to New Hires

The right goals to provide to new hires are job-specific. Initially, you will want to set some basic goals for the first day, such as mastering how to clock in or achieving basic productivity goals.

Initially, the immediate goal for a new hire may be to learn how to do the job properly. Then, you can work to build towards productivity goals.

The key here is to consider what a new hire should be able to do after his or her first day on the job, the second day on the job, and a week into it. This is a great way to determine just how successful that employee will be for you long term.

Communicating Goals

As a human resource manager, it is critical for you to have clear communication with a new hire about the immediate goals you are setting for him or her to achieve.

During the first day, discuss the goals you have for the individual in-depth. Outline what you want the individual to learn, who will teach it, and what is expected as the final result. Discuss numbers, where applicable, as well.