Pelican boxes, the most famous brand for hard boxes, are made by injection molding from plastic. They are available in a variety of sizes and have additional handles and/or angle wheels. You can easily buy the best pelican mobility online from various sources.

The ATA box consists of a solid plate and an aluminium profile bonded together. ATA boxes are made to order, and the most common form is the travel box, which opens as luggage and is used by musicians.

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Both types of cases offer excellent protection against repeated transport of valuable or fragile equipment and can be used for more than 100 trips. It is the best package in terms of travel costs compared to corrugated cardboard or boxes. 

While cases offer protection from external impacts, internal protection for your equipment is provided by standard or bespoke foam padding. The correct type, amount and density of foam must be determined, designed and manufactured by an expert.

In most applications where cases are used as a packaging solution, the focus is on protection and mobility: protecting the contents of the box and bringing it to the point of use. However, there are many other valuable features out of the box that may be important for your particular application. ATA boxes can meet all of these requirements, but hard plastic shells cannot. 

The ATA case can be adapted to your needs in these different categories, while the Pelican comes with several functions in a standard configuration. The advantages of the Pelican Box are that they are affordable, easier to reach, and lighter. Basically, the Pelican case is always preferable to the ATA case if your equipment.