Diabetic patients must take care of their feet because they are an infection-prone area. Neglecting to treat foot problems promptly can lead to nerve damage. A lot of foot injuries are not noticed until an infection has developed. This can lead to more serious consequences. 

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Diabetes Foot Care Kit

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Diabetics have a reduced ability to fight infection and can delay the blood supply and oxygen supply to their feet. This can lead to sores and skin cuts, which can cause skin ulcers if not taken care of properly.

In the worst case, amputation may be necessary. Diabetics must take the best care of their feet. Diabetic patients are at high risk of nerve damage to their feet, so it is important to inspect your feet twice a year.

Diabetic patients can be susceptible to cracks, wounds, and blisters. Although it might seem like a minor wound, it can lead to serious complications if it is not treated promptly. It is wise to keep a diabetic foot care kit on hand.

Let's now look at the components of a foot care kit. Every kit includes an anti-fungal cream to stop the growth of bacteria and fungi. Cracks and blisters can also be prevented by keeping the skin soft and smooth. 

The diabetic foot care kit includes a pumice stone, widely used for softening feet. This kit also includes a magnifying glass and an improved mirror for foot care. A pair of socks and shoes are also included, as barefooted can pose a risk of injury and infection.