Criminal law is one of the most complicated legal areas. It requires a specific kind of person to be an attorney for criminal defense. The attorneys assist clients in proving their innocence from crimes that range from minor to major infractions.

The criminal law constitutes the law body often known as penal law. The law enforcement body prosecutes an individual or organization by the federal or state governments for offenses considered to be criminal. A best criminal defense attorney is a combination of the theories of punishment, deterrence rehabilitation, and incapacitation.

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Criminal law is concerned with various types of criminals. Criminal defense lawyers defend their clients who are accused of crimes that range from minor to major crimes. These crimes include murder, manslaughter and arson assault, DUI/DWI identity theft, and a myriad of other offenses.

Legal professionals who specialize in criminal law, like lawyers everywhere, have to put aside their personal opinions and beliefs of the person they represent in order to fully and effectively defend themselves from criminal charges. This may be one of the most difficult tasks.

They must at their best abilities defend a person they personally consider to be guilty of the crime for which they have been charged.

So, becoming a criminal defense attorney is not just time but also a strong character to defend each person's rights under the law.