There are specific health insurance plans that will compensate the insured when they have a specific illness. In Spain, they are commonly used by self-employed people.

It is needless to say that the effects of economic loss or disease on self-employed people are high because they are more vulnerable than those who are employed with companies. Having a specific illness health insurance plan is not a bad idea.

These plans have the advantage that the insured is covered for all related costs of the disease he or she specified in the policy. This would include hospital medicine and temporary disability. You can also get the best private health insurance in Spain.

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If you have a specific illness for which you would like to be covered, this kind of health insurance plan would be perfect for you. Under this policy, you would be compensated for the time you were ill.

This compensation would help you overcome the loss of income you had during that period. This is especially helpful when you are your source of income and not working for some time is costly.

The compensation system most of these health insurance plans use is specific to the procedure given to a patient. In this case, the policy establishes a maximum or single advance.

However, when there are several interventions at the same time, the health insurance plan will compensate 100% of the most expensive one and 50% of the next, and so on.

One of the most important features of these health insurance plans is the daily allowance for temporary total disability, which is the amount of money that is given to the insurance holder while they are ill.

The allowance begins when the insured enters the hospital or the doctor indicates that they must stay at home for medical leave, and it is suspended when the person is discharged.