Ankle pain is common and can be experienced by anyone. It is usually caused by an ankle injury or a sprain to the joint. These injuries may include muscle strains and sprains, overstretched ligaments, fractured feet, or other injuries to the soft tissues of the ankle joint.

Ankle sprains occur when the foot is extended at its most flat and a rotation motion is used to over-stretch the ligament holding the ankle. This causes minor tears in the ligaments. You can get expert foot and ankle pain physiotherapy in Edmonton from the top-rated clinics to cure your problem.

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The severity of an injury will determine the level of pain that one might experience. There are many types of pain that one can experience, including throbbing and pulling, stabbing, burning, and jolting.

If a patient presents with ankle pain or ankle sprain, physiotherapists must first evaluate the patient and determine the root cause of the pain. Then, they will manage the symptoms and address the core issues. 

A fresh ankle sprain requires basic management. This includes cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation, followed closely by ultrasound therapy to accelerate soft-tissue ligament healing.

Referring to an occupational therapist may be necessary to create a resting ankle foot-orthoses (AFO), to allow the injured leg to rest in the most comfortable position.

After the acute stage of pain has passed, physiotherapy intervention and balance training will be required. Strength training the ankle and proprioceptive training. Deep tissue massage can also be used to loosen tightened muscles.


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With automation, they'll automatically see the data agent they need on every call, without having to switch between multiple apps to find them (and keep customers waiting). Artificial intelligence capabilities such as sentiment analysis and speech analysis guide agents to the next best step for each individual, enabling them to provide the level of personalization that customers desire. 

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