Individuals or families that inherit property from a deceased person must pay inheritance tax. It is payable by the heirs after the death or transfer of property or estate from a deceased person. You can get the proper information on inheritance taxes in the UK at

A common misconception is that inheritance and estate taxes are one and the same. This is false as the inheritance tax does not apply to the entire estate. It is only applicable to the property that is passed as an inheritance. The two can be quite distinct in certain countries, such as the UK. Also known as Death Duty, inheritance-tax is also known.

inheritance taxes uk

Anything of value that is part of an inheritance is subject to inheritance tax. This includes property, jewelry, collectibles, and even intangible assets such as investments or life insurance. This tax is levied in the UK on inheritances exceeding PS325,000. The inheritance tax is payable to the deceased family members who become the owners of the property. A will can also be made by a deceased person to name the beneficiary, which then becomes responsible.

In some cases, inheritance tax is not payable to a person. A UK citizen who has been outside the country for more than three years in a 20-year period is exempt from paying inheritance tax. If the assets are located overseas, no tax is charged.

A property that is passed to a spouse or child within seven years of his death will be exempt from tax. Similar to the above, taxes are not levied on assets or property that are transferred to children or spouses. Life insurance policies for children are exempt from inheritance taxes.

The criticism of inheritance tax has been ongoing and most people oppose it. Many people believe it unfair to place this burden on the loved ones of those who have already suffered a loss. The tax in most cases is very high. It can sometimes be as high as forty-five percent to fifty percent of the total asset value. To reduce the tax burden, inheritance-tax planning is recommended.

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