Phobias is a highly unrealistic fear of places, situations or specific objects. There are three main categories of phobias which include social phobia, agoraphobia and specific phobias.

Most individuals have some type of phobia such as taking an exam or giving a public speech and these situations will experience a brief period of fear or anxiety. For more information about fear of the plane visit

fear of the plane

However, individuals who have extreme fear will have acute physical and emotional distress that may last long and be disruptive to their everyday lives. While not all types of phobias require treatment, severe cases – such as agoraphobia – require therapy and sometimes medication to allay fears. 

Social Phobia and Agoraphobia and Specific Phobias

Individuals who suffer from an anxiety disorder of social phobia have extreme fear at social events or public places. This fear is based on their mistaken belief that they will be investigated and that they will be embarrassed, humiliated, harshly judged or criticized.

Symptoms and Treatment

Signs and symptoms of phobia disorder are all very similar in nature, whether it is of any type or phobia, and the conditions in which apprehension involves intense anxiety, from any place, objects, or such conditions Going to extremes to avoid which causes fear and anxiety, a panic attack, and physical symptoms of rapid heartbeat, sweating and shortness of breath. 

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