Ask the learners what they think about e-learning and the chances are there will be a word that trips off the tongue – boring. Whether you are an experienced e-learning designer or you'll start creating e-learning for the first time, instructional design training can help you better understand how to develop e-learning boredom-busting the first time and every time.

So why is e-learning often boring? Because instructional designers are usually too focused on content. Getting the right content for your learners, of course, is very important; however, focusing only on the content might not be your best starting point. You can also get instructional design training via

Once you start down the content-driven route, you start thinking about e-learning rather than a book. This leads to your linear thinking; and, before you know it, your piece looks like a PowerPoint presentation to learn more.

The conventional response to this problem is to keep the content-centric approach but to add what most e-learning developers refer to as interaction. It is an activity that places individual screen content for learners to complete. Things like answering true/false or multiple-choice questions; or drag items on the computer screen.

You may use authoring tool software to make your e-learning. Most of these authoring tools provide you with the functionality to easily create interaction.

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