Did you realize that millions of Americans qualify for dual citizenship to Italy? Italy's special citizenship legislation permits for people that have a direct line to a Italian-born ancestor to meet the requirements for citizenship. 

For the ones that dream of living overseas, in addition to those who simply think it'd be interesting to become an Italian citizen, the procedure to get italian citizenship could be extremely enjoyable, exciting and rewarding.

Italian citizenship

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The very first step to this Italian double citizenship procedure is to learn whether you meet the requirements. 

  • Is the"connection" in three generations?
  • If you are tracing by means of your maternal side of the household, was your father or mother born after January 1, 1948?
  • Are you certain your ancestor, grandparent or parent never renounced their citizenship?

Let's discuss the first qualifier, since it is the simplest. You may just claim citizenship by means of a great-grandfather, grandfather, grandma, father or mother. 

Next, let's speak qualifier number two. People tend to be surprised you cannot claim citizenship by way of a feminine great-grandparent. The cause of this is that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was quite rare for a married woman to bother about getting a naturalized citizen; it had been something the husband – took good care of. 

Lastly, let's talk about the next qualifier, which may also be the toughest to prove. Renouncing citizenship normally suggests that the individual became a naturalized citizen of america. If your ancestor did not become a citizen, and you replied another two questions in the affirmative, congratulations. You probably qualify for Italian dual citizenship.

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